Sell Your House, Buy An RV, Go On The Road For Christ!

Bill and Janet (not the real names!) love the Lord, they love America, and they love to get out and enjoy themselves. Family and church are important to them and they have a heart’s desire to share the Lord whenever and wherever they can. They have worked hard to have a few things and were pretty comfortable in a nice home close to the kids and grandkids.

The past year has been difficult for Bill and Janet. It’s been difficult for everyone. Although he is only 55, retirement is on Bill’s mind every now and them. COVID forced him to work from home for a while and he liked being free. Janet lost her job when the business she worked for was forced to close. And then the Lord really shook things up good…

Bill was finishing his prayers one morning when he thought he heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “Sell your house, buy and RV, and go on the road for Christ!” Bill was stunned. His response to the Spirit was, “What?!!? Are you kidding me? Is that you Lord?” He thought he must be talking himself and went on with his day. However, he could not deny there was something exciting about what he thought he’d heard.  Something had begun to burn the tiniest bit way down deep inside.

Just a few days later after they had prayed together before bed, Janet told Bill she thought the Lord wanted more from them, something new, something different, something life changing. As they talked about that, Bill remembered what he thought he’d heard the other day and told Janet about it. Right away, she said, “That’s it. That’s what the Lord wants!” Just like that, both Bill and Janet were filled both with excitement and with fear. What would they do?

“Sell your house, buy and RV, go on the road for Christ!” We get a lot of contacts through Campers For Christ Ministries. If you have heard the Lord tell you something like this, you are in good company. It has been happening every now and then for the past couple of years to various people we have met. A few couples we know have heard that from the Lord and obeyed. They have sold their homes, downsized into an RV, and gone on the road with the purpose of sharing Jesus and his love with anyone who will listen.

Have you heard the Lord say, “Sell your house, buy and RV, and go on the road for Christ?” What will you do? We are talking something new here, something different, something life changing! Is it possible? If your heart is filled with both excitement at the potential but fear of the unknown, that is a good thing. The excitement will help you obey,the fear will allow you to do so wisely! What will you do?

These weblogs are intended to help those who have this crazy idea that they should become mobile like pilgrims and go out into the highways and byways and do kingdom work with Jesus. Honestly, I have no idea how often we will write or how much we will be able to share. Hopefully whatever is to come will be a blessing.

The plan is to help answer some of the obvious questions about how to obey such a command from the Lord as well as to encourage those who dare to do so. We will seek out advice and counsel from those we know of who are doing it., get them involved in helping those who want to do it. YOU will be able to comment, ask questions, and help one another. It will be fun….

Coming someday: “Get Ready…”, then “Get Set!”, and then “GO!”

Richard, with June
CFC Members and Officers

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