RV Living

CFC Members Love The Simple Life

Many of the members of Campers For Christ own RVs and some even live in their RVs.  Some members enjoy the RV life part time, going out for weekends or to rallies or on long vacations as much as they can.  Others live part of the time and some live all of the time in their RVs.  There are no rules…

Some of the RVs are just simple pickup campers, some are the giant bus sized motor homes. Historically at CFC rallies you would see tents, tent trailers, vans, travel trailers, and station wagons.  Today most CFC members have RVs of one kind or another.  They come in all kinds and shapes and sizes but one thing is sure, every camper is welcome wherever we gather.

However, it is the whole idea of a simpler, quieter life that draws the most attention.  The world encourages us to accumulate to the point we become slaves to our possessions.  An RV and the outdoor life can set one free, even if only for a while.  It is good to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.

Then there are the “full-timers” who choose to make an RV their home.  When you get out among people who have simplified their lives to the size of an RV you begin to appreciate the freedom they enjoy!  However, life was not meant to be lived without purpose and direction.  There is really no such thing as “retirement” in the Kingdom of God.

When you get out among Christians who enjoy that relaxed RV lifestyle, you will soon find that they are pilgrims and sojourners set free from many of the cares of this world and given new liberty to live a life free to follow Jesus Christ.  Christians have a purpose, they are to share the Good News about Jesus. CFC members are all called to do that wherever they go.