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Free Resources That You Can Download or Request

Note: Campers For Christ Ministries® presents these resources for your use at your own discretion.  Campers For Christ (CFC) does not endorse resources or organizations unless otherwise stated.

A NEW ORIGINAL SONG written and performed by CFC member John Kinder:

Camping In the Shadow Of The Cross

Ken Hansen List of FREE Resources

Brother Ken Hansen has compiled a good list of FREE resources that you can get that includes Bibles, tracts, books, etc. Download the PDF here!

Here are some teaching by former CFC President and current EXODUS Chapter President Charles Sivley, Jr.  Charles is known for his deep knowledge and understanding of the Word of God.

  • The Harvest Is Upon Us: A timely word from EXODUS Chapter President Charles Sivley
  • The Name Of Jesus:  Charles Sivley shares about the power that is in the Name of Jesus
  • Praying The Word:  Charles Sivley shares the importance of praying in agreement with God’s Word.

Below are website links that people interested in evangelism and missions might want to take advantage of.  They were searched out and sent to CFC by Ken Hansen.  THANK YOU KEN for all your hard work here!

These are useful free and donated resources for your ministry. I’ve used these with military prisons and law enforcement chaplains in projects hope you can use in outreach work with the camping ministry. Let me know what you think. I’m a Christian layman from NW Louisiana gifted in resources for chaplains.

  • Read and phone for a password to get in, to order form, to request cases of Christian books for adults and youth/children.
  • Click “Free Resources” for churches/ministries at bottom of web page order free cases of paperback bibles and gospels of john for chaplain ministries.
  • Free gospel tracts in bulk.
  • Free words of hope devotionals for chaplain ministries in bulk.
  • Free paperback book Journey to Freedom 30 Days to Forgiveness and Hope. Click “Contact Us” and then order from the form. Also free in bulk.
  • Click “Prison” or “Ministry” and/or the outreach symbol and order up to 500 each of three different booklets.
  • Free topical Scripture booklets in bulk and bible study booklets.