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CURRENT MEMBERS: Existing Campers For Christ Members can use the payment buttons below to renew their memberships.  Every option will add one or more years to your membership.   Simply click the appropriate button for the number of years that you want to renew.  You will receive a payment receipt in your email as well as a second receipt from the membership chairman.

EXPIRED MEMBERS:  If your membership has expired and has to be reactivated, there is an additional $5 charge, please choose the appropriate button below.  If you are expired but do not know it, the membership chairman will get in touch with you later to arrange for the reinstatement fee.  No worries, we are just VERY glad to have you back!

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Expired Members

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Campers For Christ® Membership Mail-In Renewal

Print out this FORM: Printable Member Renewal Form (PDF File)

Note: One Year: $15, Two Years: $25, Three Years: $40, Five Years: $60
If your membership has already expired, please add $5 to the amount!

You can renew your membership just by emailing a check to:

Vikki Eady, CFC Membership Chairman
Campers For Christ Ministries

1119 Lauren Crest St. SW, Hartville, Ohio 44632