Photo Upload and/or Contest Agreement

CFC Photo Contest and Uploading Information

Any time you upload a photo to our website, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. Your email address will not be published with you photo.
  2. The photos that you upload are to be your own photos.  Do not upload anyone else’s photos.
  3. You retain all copyrights to your photos.
  4. The CFC Website Administrator reserves the right to NOT publish your photo.  You may or may not be informed of the reasons but about the only reason a photo might not be published is if it is not about camping or is for some reason considered offensive or inappropriate.
  5. Your title and description may be edited before publishing.
  6. You release your uploaded photo to be used on the website or on CFC social media pages such as Facebook, RVillage, etc.
  7. Your photos will not be sold or used for advertising or for advertising on other sites.
  8. Photo contests are not for the purpose of awarding prizes.  Recognition (the most votes, nicest comments, etc) is all you can expect.
  9. We will remove your photo on request.