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Welcome To The CFC Member’ Only Area!

This area is only accessible to current members of Campers For Christ.
No one else can view your information!

Under Construction but here is what you can do so far:

View The Members DirectoryMembers Directory.  Open and View the Campers For Christ Online Members Directory  (list of members, full information, search by state, etc!)  You can find members by STATE or by Alphabetical Order, etc.
NOTE THAT MEMBER’S ADDRESSES, EMAILS, AND PHONES ARE NEVER TO BE USED TO SOLICIT BUSINESSThe members directory is for members to contact one another!

RALLY Reports!  Emmanuel Chapter Rally Report, Spring 2017

You will be able to view a few of the past rally reports here.

View Your Members Profile!Your Member Profile.  What do other members see when they look at your CFC Member Profile?  Click on this link to find out: View Your Member’s Profile.  The information you provide will let others know you better and perhaps to get in touch with you!  You can even upload a photo of yourself, maybe in your rig or out camping!  The Member Profile is a great way to encourage the members to get in touch with each other!

Edit Your Member Profile.  Want to change your member information?  Upload a selfie?  Show off your camping gear or your rig?  Update your phone number or address?  Then you need to use this page:   Edit Your Member’s Profile.  PLEASE do keep your contact information  up to date.  Whatever you put in this page is in the online database so this is a great way to update your member information!

Coming Some Day:  Members Map!  A map of all the current and expired members with location buttons so you can see who is near you and contact them!

Coming Some Day:  Email Form to let you send an email to another member right from their profile.