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Camper For Christ® Members Do The Stuff!

Here are some things that Campers For Christ members are doing currently!  Check them out! Be Blessed!

Information on other ministries is encouraged. If you have a ministry or are active in witnessing activities, we would love to help you spread the word about your work for God. Email our content manager with the information that you would like to post on this page. 

The Kinders
Singing F0r Jesus Since 1998

The Kinders have been ministering for over 22 years, through Southern Gospel Music, Personal Testimony, Humor And The Preaching of God’s Word. This Spirit Filled Group Spreads The Gospel Message, In A Wide Range Of Venues. Check them out!

NEW ORIGINAL SONG written and performed by Campers For Christ member John Kinder:

Camping In the Shadow Of The Cross