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NEW ORIGINAL SONG written and performed by Campers For Christ member John Kinder:

Camping In the Shadow Of The Cross

Tumbleweed Campground Ministry

Operated by God through Roger and Kathy Early

Campground Mission
Guided by God, we spend time in various campgrounds all across the USA and Canada planting the “mustard seeds” of the Gospel to individuals that temporarily reside within them. We serve by witnessing to Christians and non-Christian who ask about the Gospel and assisting others as lay-chaplains as guided by the Holy Spirit. Campgrounds are microcosms of life. We encounter everyday people on vacation, people traveling to new jobs and communities, the homeless, veterans in need, and other situations.
Online Mission (Tumbleweed Campground Ministry | Facebook)
The mission is much the same as the campfire mission. We serve by witnessing to Christians and non-Christian through lessons, devotionals, and encouragement. We invite you to post your comments, questions, requests, witness, and to also post your church’s recorded sermons, bible studies, Wednesday night teachings, etc. We also post Christian News – both the good (for praise) and the bad (for prayers).
Who are Kathy and Roger Early?
We have always believed we are “sowers,” not “reapers.” Time and again God has allowed us the privilege to plant seeds of faith in individuals and organizations, but only once were we shown the fruit of our sowing. Recently, in North Carolina, we visited our old hometown, Spruce Pine, North Carolina. We had not been there in over 30 years! When we lived there, we were members of the Spruce Pine Christian Church. It struggled to survive with only 14 members of which we were four. Pastors were hard to keep and during one long spell of having no pastor, Roger served as the interim pastor, piano player, and adult Sunday School teacher, of course, all with Kathy’s help. When we left Spruce Pine for employment, we really believed the small church would pass into history. Much to our joy, we found the little church very much alive and expanded. The seeds we helped to plant over 30 years ago took root, grew, and were nurtured by others. Those nurtured seeds weathered good and stormy weather and grew strong.
Prayer Request
Your prayers for the success of our efforts are greatly appreciated.
We are a married couple who wholly fund and operate this ministry. The ministry is not funded or endowed by any group or denomination.

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