Request Prayer

Please use the PRAYER REQUEST Form BELOW to send your prayer request.

Note: It is important for you to know about the scope of this ministry. Your request will be sent to two of our officers and to our senior chaplain.   They may ask others to pray for you.  If you do NOT want anyone other than the officers and chaplain to know your need, please indicate that on the form.

If your information is shared, we will only use your first name and town if you give it.  We will not divulge your email address to anyone except to the one who will contact you IF you ask for a contact.

You may also take the opportunity to contact the Campers For Christ Ministries Senior Chaplain, Jody Judkins by emailing her at

Please continue to pray for our nation, the President, our elected representatives, our military troops stationed throughout the world, and our local law enforcement and fire protection personnel.  Pray especially for our nation now through this time of transition.

It is important to realize that in this day and age, horrific catastrophes can occur to any of us at any time.  Therefore faith and prayer were never more important and necessary than they are today!

Finally, if you want all the members of Campers For Christ that are on our email list to pray for you, please make that request using our regular contact form.

So, now how can we pray for you?


The CFC chaplain will receive your prayer request and will contact you if you indicated that you wanted that! God bless you!