Elected Officer Job Descriptions

Below are links to the basic job descriptions for the six elected international officers. They are PDF files so you need a pdf reader to read them. Click on the office to view or download/print the file.


President Job Description

Vice-President Job Description

Secretary Job Description

Treasurer Job Description

Membership Chairman Job Description

Campground Witness Newsletter Editor Job Description

Notes regarding qualifications. Notice MUST and SHOULD items.

  1.  A nominee must be willing, even eager to serve.
  2. A nominee must understand the goals and aims of CFC and agree with them.
  3. A nominee must have the ability to do the job
  4. A nominee must understand what they will be responsible to do. The Bylaws are the starting point. For example, a secretary must expect to attend meetings in person and have time to answer contacts and correspondence. A treasurer must be able to use computer software, pay bills, and manage the bank accounts.
  5. A nominee must understand the time and financial costs of the position. For example, some officers must be at the international rally each year.
  6. A nominee should have a track record of participation in CFC.
  7. A nominee should have experience in fulfilling similar roles.