Campers For Christ Ministries Leadership

Campers For Christ Ministries® Officers, Staff, & Volunteers

Updated October 1, 2021

International Officers

International President 2016-2021
(Deceased August 2021)

Robb Judkins

Corona, California





International President

Richard Bartz, Bouse, Arizona or



International Vice President

Chad Caplinger, Jones, Oklahoma


Kim CaplingerInternational Secretary

Kim Caplinger, Jones, Oklahoma


June BartzInternational Treasurer

June Bartz, Bouse, Arizona or


Vikki EadyMembership Chairman

Vikki Eady – Hartville, Ohio


CGW Newsletter Editor

Leesa Verdot, Hollister, Missouri


Jody White-Judkins

Senior Chaplain

Jody White-Judkins, Corona, California  or use this form.


Music Director

Position Open




Assistants To The Vice President

Western Area — Open Position

Eastern Area — Open Position

Central Area  —   Open Position

Historian – Sharie Falan, Lawton, Michigan

richard Webmaster

Richard Bartz, Bouse, Arizona


Website and Social Media Content Administration

Roger Early, Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin