Camping In The Shadow Of The Cross

Exodus Chapter 2017 Spring Rally Report

Circle The Wagons!!! Dates:  February 15-16-17 Venue: First Assembly of God, Quartzsite, AZ This event was held outdoors around the campfire in the “camping way”.  Almost everyone said it is the way to go for the future rallies!

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The CFC Campers Code of Conduct

If you are CFC members, you are committed to a camper’s code of conduct when you are camping out or any time you are out enjoying nature!  These are simple things that demonstrate our love for creation and our heart to be a good steward of all that God has blessed us with. The CFC Code of conduct in parks and campgrounds: In […]

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2017 – 2018 CFC Officers List

The following is the list of officers elected by the membership as well as those appointed  by the Board of Directors for the upcoming two years. President – Robb Judkins Vice-President – Ron Keller Secretary – Betty Bergfalk Treasurer – June Bartz Membership Chairman – Ronnie Pixley CGW Editor – Leesa Verdot Historian – Vacant […]

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Special Election – January 7 – UPDATED

UPDATED, January 11, 2017: The special election meeting scheduled for January 7, 2017 in Menifee, California held as scheduled and the outcome is outlined below in this Facebook Post by newly elected CFC President Robb Judkins. From the CFC Facebook Page: Hello. Friends. I wanted to say thanks to all who attended the CFC Special […]

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New Photo Gallery

The CFC website now has a new photo gallery that will use photos from the CFC Members as well as photos from camping friends that want to contribute.  You can upload photos up to 4 Mb size and add a title and description.  We want to enjoy your camping images so YOU ARE INVITED to […]

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New Feature! Places To Stay!!!

There is a new feature on the CFC website.  From time to time we get requests to INVITE CFC Members to stay at different campgrounds or venues or places.  Be aware that we only share the invitations, it is up t0 YOU to check out the invitation.  They might require you to WORK or something…. […]

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