2017 Exodus Chapter Fall Rally – November 8-10

The 2017 Exodus Chapter Fall Rally is coming SOON!


VENUE:  First Assembly of God church grounds, 665 Tyson St., Quartzsite, Arizona

Here is the AGENDA From Exodus Chapter President Ken Pixley:

Greetings in Jesus Name,

On Nov 8th, 9th and 10th we will gather in Quartzsite to worship and praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We will circle the wagons Tuesday evening and begin the Rally.


Wednesday 8th 7:30 AM; Coffee, sweet rolls and pastries with great fellowship around the camp fire.

8:30 AM: Intercessory Prayer

10:00 AM: Camp fire devotional  (Speaker TBA)

1:00 PM: Weenie roast put on by CFC Exodus Chapter.

6:30 PM: Bible Study at Church


Thursday 9th 7:30 AM: Coffee, Breakfast items and fellowship

8:30 AM: Intercessory Prayer

10:00 AM: Singing and Worship (Speaker TBA)

12:00 PM: Lunch on your own or as group

2:00 PM: Auction: Please bring some good stuff. (This is how we raise money for       missions and pay our bills)

5:30 PM: Singing and worship around camp fire  (Speaker TBA)


Friday 10th 7:30 AM: Coffee,Breakfast items camp fire  fellowship

8:30 AM: Intercessory prayer

10:00 AM: Camp fire talk with worship and praise (Speaker Ken Pixley)

12:00 Lunch as a group.

3:00 PM: Business meeting. I encourage everyone to attend.

5:00 PM: Pot Blessing. Everyone bring a dish or side dish. Worship and singing around camp fire, Testimonies  speaker as the Lord leads.  +


Please RSVP – Call 928-246-8889 or email to kenpixley@aol.com

2 comments on “2017 Exodus Chapter Fall Rally – November 8-10”

  1. Garry Brooks Reply

    We;; My Wife & I just got a 2017 RV about 3 months ago. looking to maybe get involved with group(s) to travel together. I am a Ordained Pastor Been a Pastor for over 10 years I am the Pastor of Wonder Valley Community Church. Just looking for friendship and a sense of belonging since we are relatively new RVers. Any information would be appreciated.

    • Richard Bartz Reply

      Hello Pastor Garry,

      You are most welcome at any of the Campers For Christ events as well as getting involved. We have about 120 active members and growing again. There are members all over the USA and a few in Canada. We used to have over 1500 members but age and retirement took its toll and the older members did not do a great job of drawing in new members.

      The members list is only avaiable to members but if you write back with your location, I can at least tell you about the activities in the area. The Exodus Chapter is meeting for a rally in just over a week in Quartzsite, Arizona. The Emmanuel Chapter has a rally next month in Menifee, California.

      Sorry for the delay in answering, we have been out of commission with flu for a few weeks.

      God bless you!

      Richard Bartz

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