Campers For Christ group on

Well, June and I finally did it, we finally opened the Campers For Christ RVillage group to everyone who loves Jesus, loves camping, and enjoys fellowshipping on the road or in the campground. June and I are members of Campers For Christ Ministries, Inc. (CFC) which started way back in 1980 in Canada and the USA. At one time there were over 1500 members but most of the original members got old…

Being in the Campers For Christ RVillage group does not make you a member of the CFC Organization but it will give you opportunity to meeting and knowing the kind of people mentioned above. If you are a Christian, you are welcome!

Check out and join the Campers For Christ group there to meet and encourage fellow Christians who will want to meet and encourage YOU!  If you are already a member, you can join the group at