The CFC Campers Code of Conduct

If you are CFC members, you are committed to a camper’s code of conduct when you are camping out or any time you are out enjoying nature!  These are simple things that demonstrate our love for creation and our heart to be a good steward of all that God has blessed us with.

The CFC Code of conduct in parks and campgrounds:

  1. In campgrounds, I will be ever mindful of my neighbors.
  2. I will set up my campsite so as not to interfere with others.
  3. I will use the sanitary facilities provided.
  4. I will be careful to not destroy trees, shrubs, or other natural features of the site.
  5. I will dispose of all rubbish and garbage in the receptacles provided, or I will destroy it by fire or bury it deeply.
  6. I will be careful not to pollute the drinking water supply.
  7. I will be cautious with fire. I will not leave any campfire unattended and will put out the fire when leaving it. I will leave no broken glass or bottles.
  8. I will leave my campsite as clean as or cleaner than I found it.
  9. I will not distribute any literature at any campsite without the consent of campground management.
  10. I will follow this code of conduct as a positive Christian testimony.

These standards are a part of the official bylaws of the organization.  We encourage everyone to follow these common sense standards any time they are out in the great outdoors.

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    we are going to sell our home & buy a 5th wheel or motor home but leaning to 5th wheel because it seem to be more user friendly I hope this will all take place soon. but we don’t want to get ahead of the LORD. We have been searching the web to gather as much info. for newbies we live in Bryan, TX. then I wondered if there was any christen camper groups out there and WOW!! LOOK WHAT THE lord show us. I can’t wait to get rolling looking forward to meet my fellow christen camper in CHRIST our LORD .

    • cfc_admin

      Thank you for contacting us David. We pray that your downsizing and transfer into the RV lifestyle will be easy and smooth. It is very exciting out here “on the road” because of the expanded opportunities that you have to meet people and to be used by God as the Spirit leads. I hope that we will have a chance to meet up with YOU one of these days.

      Campers For Christ dates back to the 70s and the membership over the years has really aged. Many of the chapters are inactive at this time. However, the past two years have seen a change in direction and we are seeing a revival of interest and growth again with another generation of campers coming in. There are several members in Texas but many have aged to the point of parking. Nevertheless, we are praying for and believing that a day is coming soon when CFC members will be meeting for rallies again.

      Most of the group activity at this time is in the South West but there will be groups meeting later this year in the North West and in the Mid-West again. We invite you to not just to join Campers For Christ but also, God willing, to get in on the fellowship, ministry, and joy of being part of CFC.

  2. Debbie

    I will have to start out in my car with a tent for a few months to save money for an RV. Is that exceptable? I am a 62 year old single female .

    • Richard Bartz

      Hello Debbie! GOOD on you. Go for it. You no doubt are more than acceptable! Be careful out there but enjoy the freedom of coming and going as you please. Everyone in time will discover all the right equipment and places and horizons that suit them. I hope you get an RV soon because that makes it “home” and SO much easier. The adventure part wears out in a tent pretty quick if you go full time. There are a lot of good RVs that are inexpensive. Just be careful and PRAYERFUL when you go to buy one. If you don’t know about mechanical things, have (or find!) a friend who does help you evaluate them. Looks are not nearly as important as good running condition. I pray that the Lord will guide you in your venture.

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