California Emmanuel Chapter Spring Rally

The Emmanuel Chapter has set the dates for their 2019 Spring Rally!  Mark off the dates on your calendar now and plan on attending.  Watch for updates on the Campers For Christ Ministries website or contact Robb Judkins for more information.

CFC Emmanuel Chapter Rally

April 11-15, 2019

Wilderness Lakes Resort, Menifee California


2 comments on “California Emmanuel Chapter Spring Rally”

  1. Pete and Cindy Phillips

    My husband and I saw your Emmanuel Chapter flier at Palm Springs Thousand Trails, and made reservations for Wilderness Lakes April 10-16, looking forward to the rally April 11-15. Is there anything else we need to know?

    • Robb Judkins

      Hello Pete and Cindy,
      My name is Robb Judkins and I am the President of Campers for Christ International Ministries, as well as President of the Southern California Emmanuel Chapter. Thanks for you inquiry regarding our April Rally at Wilderness Lakes. I will be sending you a flyer and full schedule under another email. Look for an email from I believe the schedule will answer most any question you have. We start on Thursday night and go thru Monday morning. We have been meeting at Wilderness Lakes for about 7 years now and always have a great time. Look forward to meeting you.

      Robb Judkins
      Campers for Christ International Ministries.

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