2018 International Rally Report

Recap of CFC Int’l Rally

Stay Awhile RV Park    Murchison, Texas

                                                             October 3-7, 2018

The rally opened Wednesday evening with a BBQ dinner in the big red barn.  24 CFC campers and about 28 guest campers from the RV park attended.  President Robb Judkins opened the rally in a video presentation, as he could not attend until Friday.

Ken Pixley led the 7 a.m. prayer on Thurs. and opened the morning service to individual testimonies before bringing a message comparing King Saul to King David in the Old Testament.  He closed with encouraging each of us to use the gift or gifts that God has given us.

A panel discussed RV living at 2 p.m. Pot-luck supper was served at 5 p.m. followed by 28 people meeting for evening service.  Jimmy and Del Gardner led praise and worship.  Rich Bartz gave an informative message on “Arrows.”

At 8 a.m. Friday, Ken Pixley led morning prayer, followed by praise and worship with Jimmy G. and Paula Key.  Betty Bergfalk brought a message on “Eagles.”  A dozen ladies ate lunch at a restaurant in town while some of the men ate at the RV park café.  At 2 p.m., another panel of experts discussed using the Internet while camping.  The evening meal was an array of international hot dogs.  Then, Dennis Key brought an inspiring message outdoors around the campfire, followed by roasting marshmallows, singing led by Jimmy and Del, and Roger Hollar singing and playing a lively number on the harmonica.

Breakfast in the big barn on Saturday was followed by the Int’l Rally Business Meeting.  Newly elected officers are: President Robb Judkins; V.P. Rich Bartz; Secretary Pat Vance; Treasurer June Bartz; Membership Ronnie Pixley; Editor Leesa Verdot.  Raffle tickets were purchased for $1.00 for each of the items displayed.  The entire proceeds will be sent to the Risley Family Ministries, our missionaries in Mexico.  Dinner was a chili contest.  Mary Ann McClure won first place and Ken Pixley was runner-up.

Saturday evening worship service had 21 folks present.  Jimmy on guitar, Betty Bergfalk playing the Q-Chord, and Del singing.  Roger again sang and played the harmonica.  Robb Judkins gave a short speech prior to calling Ken Pixley and Greg “Bubba” Wages forward to confer the title and position of Chaplain upon these two men of God.  He then announced the appointed officers: Webmaster Rich Bartz; Historian Greg Wages; Music Director Jimmy Gardner; Ken Pixley as Western Area Ass’t to the V.P.; and Greg Wages as Eastern Area Ass’t to V.P.; Central Area Ass’t position is OPEN.  Greg Wages will also be president of the reactivated Sonshine Chapter.  The service ended with testimonies and praise reports.

After breakfast in the barn President Robb Judkins led the closing service. He suggested we post a positive review about the RV park on social media.  Jimmy and Del led praise and worship.  Roger again sang and played his harmonica.  Robb announced the appointment of Ken Pixley as Senior Chaplain. Ken presented communion by having each person walk forward to receive their elements at the foot of the cross, then return to their seat to take the bread and juice together as a group.  Robb closed the rally with the admonition to meet again in two years and invite others to attend.  He closed with Matthew 1:23- Emmanuel, God with us, and 1 Tim. 6:11, the Man of God verse.

By:  Betty Bergfalk, outgoing CFC Int’l secretary